N.E.B Pricelist
Code Description Price(GBP,
  Price List as from Jan 2011  
N.E.B BSA B44/B50:    
CCL0044 BSA B50 original clutch 4 spring dural pressure plate 41.28
  Clutch to fit NEB splined mainshaft  
CCL0045 B44/B50 all alloy clutch complete (specify Quaiffe, 13 spline, or 6 spline) 489.60
CCL0046 B44/B50 Drum 126.19
CCL0111 B44/B50 Drum c/w bearing & circlip 136.63
CCL0049 B44/B50 Drum Clutch Centre (specify Quaiffe, 13 spline, or 6 spline) 107.88
CCL0052 B44/B50 Fibre clutch plates 8.58
CCL0053 B44/B50 Steel clutch plates 8.33
CCL0110 B44/B50 Pressure plate c/w bearing 72.00
CCL0054 B44/B50 Drum Threaded Pushrod 3.97
CCL0055 B44/B50 Threaded insert for pressure plate bearing 5.56
CCL0056 B44/B50 Nut & washer for push rod 1.14
CCL0060  B44/B50 Shaft nut  ( specify 13 or 6 spline ) 1.24
CCL0124  B44/B50 Clutch main shaft spacer X 6 spline 7.93
CCL0061 B44/B50Beville shaft washer          (specify 13 or 6 spline ) 0.84
CCL058 Clutch shaft spacer 4.54
CCL0051 Bearing for pressure plate (B44/B50) 5.30
CCL0047 Bearing for Clutch drum (B44/B50) 12.96
CCL0048 Circlip Bearing / Clutch drum (B44/B50) 1.80
CGB0003 B44/B50 clutch main shaft spacer x 13 spline 0.91
CCL0109 B44/B50 clutch main shaft spacer x 13 spline 7.93
  Primary drive:  
CCL0105 B50 Dural cank sprocket 38.26
CCL0089 B44 Dural cank sprockets 32.18
CCL0090 B44 Steel crank sprockets 36.95
CCL0119 B44/B50 Primary Chain Standard 37.80
CCL0120 B44/B50 Primary chain heavy duty 52.92
  Crank (Press-in shafts):  
CCR0017 B44 Crank c/w shafts(2 x Flywheel halves) 435.40
CCR0019 B44/B50 Drive side shaft 52.99
CCR0018 B44 Timing side shaft 56.81
CCR0020 B44/B50 Crankpin 37.81
CCR0003 Crank Steel cage bearing 28.39
CCR0021 B55/B50 Shot peened steel rod c/w big end ring/ 3/4″ little end. 227.18
CCR0016 Complete crank assembled & trued 757.10
  Nicasil Barrel Kits  
CMO0003 B44 Round barrel 84mm 379.75
CMO0004 B44 Square barrel 84mm 396.26
CMO0005 B44 84mm Forged piston 216.00
CMO0006 Head Gasket 84mm 9.84
CMO0025 Push rods for petrol barrel, B44 round(pair) 33.02
CMO0026 Piston ring set 84mm 33.26
CMO0028 Ti-Nitride top piston ring 84mm 21.17
CMO0029 Ti-Nitride top, piston ring set 84mm 66.24
CMO0027 Gudegon pin 21.67
CMO0030 B50 Barrel 92mm                              415.80
CMO0031 B50 92mm Piston complete 219.24
CMO0032 B50 Head Gasket 92mm 22.68
CMO0033 B50 Barrel 84mm 415.80
CMO0034 B50 84mm Piston complete 219.24
CMO0035 B50 84mm Head Gasket 22.68
  NEB 3 Speed Gearbox  
CGB0002 B44/B50 MAIN SHAFT(6-spline): 133.92
CGB0004 B44/B50 16T tooth spinner gear 62.50
CGB0006 B44/B50 18 Tooth slider gear 116.08
CGB0007 B44/B50 Sleeve gear 160.70
CGB0008 B44/B50 Selector fork 80.36
CGB0009 B44/B50 Thrust washer 1.79
CCL0043 B44/B50 Clutch centre for original BSA clutch (specify 13 or 6 spline) 35.72
CGB0010 B44/B50 Outrigger plate c/w bearing 44.57
CGB0005 B44/B50 15T low 1st gear option 62.50
CGB0014 B44/B50 LAYSHAFT: 62.50
CGB0015 B44/B50 14 tooth fixed gear 44.65
CGB0116 B44/B50 16 tooth spinner gear 62.50
CGB0017 B44/B50 19 tooth slider gear 116.08
CGB0119 B44/B50 Selector fork 80.36
CGB0020 B44/B50 Large thrust washer 5.38
CGB0021 B44/B50 Small spacer washer 1.79
CGB0024 B44/B50 Circlip 0.91
CGB0025 B44/B50 Selector plate 35.72
CGB0022 B44/B50 .020 thrust shim 1.24
CGB0023 B44/B50 .010 thrust shim 1.24
CGB0018 B44/B50 20T low 1st gear option 116.08
CGB0013 BSA B44/B50 4 speed 13 spline drive, main shaft(fits original gearbox/ NEB clutch) 133.92
CGB0060 B44/B50 Sleeve gear to suit 4-speed and early 3-speed shaft(requires outrigger plate CGB0010) 160.70
CGB0053 BSA B44/ B50 sleeve gear bsuh 7.56
NEB Norton/ AMC:    
CCL0001 Norton/ AMC Alloy belt drive clutch, five plate, 68T with Norton AMC Centre 436.03
CCL0002 As above with alloy clutch plates 508.03
CCL0013 Norton/ AMC centre anodised(complete with circlip) 111.30
CCL0114 Flat plate for the Norton/ AMC ceNtre 3.18
CCL0015 Spacer for the Norton/ AMC ceNtre 1.34
CCL0016 Countersunk screws for the Norton/ AMC centre(set of 3) 1.08
  Dural Drive Pulleys:  
CCL0078 Norton Commando Pulley for same, 30T 30mm wide anodised 84.19
CCL0079 Norton Commando Pulley for same, 32T 30mm wide anodised 84.19
CCL0080 Norton Commando Pulley for same, 30T 40mm wide anodised 84.19
CCL0081 Norton Commando Pulley for same, 32T 40mm wide anodised 84.19
  Primary drive:  
CCL0096 Norton Commando Drive Belt 960 x 30mm 26.78
  Commando original replacement parts:  
CCL0064 Norton Commando belt drive drum 68T hard anodised 172.79
CCL0067 Norton Commando dural clutch centre 66.38
CCL0068 As above with stop washer fitted 87.18
CCL0069 Norton Commando dural pressure plate 42.67
  To fit original taper shaft:  
CCL0007 Triumph Pre unit belt drive clutch complete 555.17
CCL0008 Triumph Pre-Unit Clutch only 435.36
CCL0026 Triumph Steel clutch centre pre-unit large taper 110.62
  To fit NEB splined shaft:  
CCL0022 Triumph All alloy 16 plate oil clutch 512.33
CCL0123 Triumph alloy duplex clutch drum 127.67
CGB0040 Triumph 350/500 Splined Shaft kit (replaces original shaft/ suits original gears) 142.90
CCL0121 Triumph 350/500 Splined centre 107.88
CGB0048 Triumph 650/750 Splined Shaft kit(replaces original shaft/ suits original gears) 144.48
CCL0122 Triumph 650/750 Splined centre 107.88
  Dural Drive Pulleys:  
CCL0085 Triumph Pre unit 32T 34T 93.02
CCL0086 Triumph unit 36T 35T 97.36
CCL0096 Triumph pre-unit drive Belt 880 x 30mm 26.78
CCL0096 Triumph unit drive Belt 880 x 30mm 26.78
CCL0005 BSA Goldstar Belt drive clutch kit complete 548.33
CCL0006 BSA Goldstar Clutch only 441.12
CCL0032 BSA Goldstar Goldstar taper steel clutch centre 110.62
  Dural Drive Pulleys: -
CCL0087 BSA Goldstar 4T 93.02
CCL00096 Drive Belt 880 x 30mm 26.78
CCL0127 BSA Goldstar drive pulley spacer. 3.60
CCL0128 BSA Goldstar drive pulley nut. 3.96
  Crank (Press-in shafts):  
CCR0009 BSA Goldstar Crank c/w shafts (2 x Flywheel halves) 435.40
CCR0010 BSA Goldstar Drive side shaft 56.81
CCR0011 BSA Goldstar Timing side shaft 60.60
CCR0012 BSA Goldstar Crankpin 28.39
CCR0003 Steel cage bearing 28.39
CCR0013 BSA Goldstar Shot peened steel rod c/w bigend ring 227.18
CCR0006 Big end bearing ring 26.41
CCR0008 BSA Goldstar Complete crank assembled & trued 766.60
CCL0031 Goldstar & Matchless G80 all alloy clutch unit(42T chain drive) wet plates 501.70
CCL0102 Goldstar/ G80 Centre sleeve nut type(complete with circlip) 116.81
CCL0035 Goldstar/ G80 Sleeve nut for wet or dry clutch 3.80
NEB Matchless    
CCL0009 Matchless Belt clutch with sleeve nut, steel plates (specify G50 short shaft or G80) 441.55
CCL0010 As above with chrome alloy plates 513.55
CCL0101 G50 Centre sleeve nut type 116.81
  Dural Drive Pulleys:  
CCL0082 G5O 34 tooth 93.02
CCL0083 G5O 36 tooth 93.02
CCL0084 G5O 38 tooth 93.02
CCR0001 Pair Matchless G50 Flywheels 170MM DIA FORGED INTEGRAL SHAFTS 655.61
CCR0002 Crankpins for same 28.39
CCR0003 Steel cage bearings for same 28.39
CCR0006 Big end ring for same 226.41
CCR0004 Shot peened stell conrod 227.18
CCR0005 G50 little end bush 9.84
CCR0041 Driving side shaft for old type NEB flywheels 52.99
CCR0042 Timing side shaft for old type NEB flywheels 56.81
CCR0046 Matchless G50 crank assembled and trued 986.81
CCL0112 Greeves clutch complete 489.60
  Steel Conrods:  
CCR0028 Husqvarna 510cc c/w pin & bearing 214.64
CCR0029 Husqvarna 600cc c/w pin & bearing 214.64
CCR0032 Husaberg 600cc c/w pin & bearing 214.64
CCR0040 Bearing for same 35.76
CCR0038 Crankpin for same 30.40
  Forged One Piece Nimonic Valves:  
CMO0018 Husqvarna 400cc inlet valve 34.68
CMO0019 Husqvarna 400cc exhaust valve 34.68
CMO0020 Husqvarna 510cc inlet valve 34.68
CMO0021 Husqvarna 510cc exhaust valve 34.68
CMO0022 Husqvarna 600cc inlet valve 34.68
CMO0023 Husqvarna 600cc exhaust valve 34.68
CMO0024 Lash caps for same 2.60
CGB0026 NEB/Yamaha Heavy duty 3 speed close ratio gearbox 693.46
CCL00097 Dural clutch drum for all 5 speed engines 60.68
CCL0093 Locking tool for all clutch units 17.42
CCL0011 Belt drive drum 68T hard anodised 127.96
CCL0012 Belt drive drum 68T hard anodised complete with bearing 150.58
CCL0019 8mm Adjuster nut & screw per set for Belt drive clutch pressure plate 1.18
CCL0036 Single chain clutch drum 42T(wet clutches as standard) 124.92
CCL0126 42 tooth clutch drum complete with brg/ circlip 147.54
CCL0018 Pressure plate complete with 8mm adjuster 66.66
CCL0129 Pressure plate complete with thrust bearing adjuster (wet clutches not B44/ B50) 71.28
CCL0040 Radial bearing for pressure plate adjuster 2.39
CCL0033 Wet Fibre clutch plates (not for B44/ B50 only) 11.74
CCL0034 Wet Steel clutch plates (not for B44/ B50 only) 10.68
SCL0023 Dry Fibre clutch plates (not for B44/ B50 only) 11.88
SCL0020 Dry Steel clutch plates (not for B44/ B50 only) 10.58
SCL0027 Clutch spring short (all) 1.31
CCL0062 Clutch spring stop spacer (wet clutch only) 1.25
SCL0029 Clutch spring cup short (not for B44/ B50 only) 1.42
SCL0030 Clutch spring cup long for B44/B50 and Greeves only 1.82
SCL0049 Circlip (drum bearing/ clutch centre) 0.95
SCL0018 Clutch bearing (belt drive and 42T drum) 21.26
SCL0019 Clutch bearing (belt drive and 42T drum) 1.31
  Rod repair: fit and grind new big end 57.60
  Rod repair: fit and grind new big end, fit and renew little end 79.20
Titanium conrods to order – price on application    

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