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Here you will find a variety of items available for purchase including :
1974 CCM Motorcycle Frame Kits , Wheels , Rear Back Plates , Hubs , Morad Alloy Rims , Mud Guards and Merchandise.
Payments can be made using either PayPal or Personal Cheque.

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Frame Kits
Frame complete with swinging arm and steering head bearings. Made from T45 steel tubing with new type oil filtration system and stronger engine mountings.



Frame Kit(plated)

Swinging Arm


Swinging Arm

Swinging Arm Protector

Protect your swinging arm from chain damage with the newly introduced specially designed protector, this unit fits all the CCM range from the early 1970's to the later twin shock machines.




At an introductory price of £28.00 including VAT P&P, overseas customers please contact us via our web site for postage to your country.
Payment by cheque or PayPal

Swinging Arm

Swinging Arm Protector

Swinging Arm Shaft / Chain Adjuster
Re-designed, giving more adjustment and no need for half-links in chain.


Swinging Arm Shaft

Steering Head Bearings
£38.90 pp (per pair)

Steering Head Bearings

Hand-crafted from 1.6mm aluminium shet to the original 1974 design. Comes complete with Monza style filler cap.


Tank Badges
See image opposite for badge
£11.40 pp

Tank Badge

Fuel Taps
¼" BSP Chrome plated tap with filter



Oil Filler Cap
New style alloy filler cap c/w o-ring seal.
Place the mouse over the image opposite for a close-up of the cap.
£15.00 pp

Oil Filler Cap

Rear Brake Pedal
Manufactured from T45 tubing for extra strength to original design.

Rear Brake Pedal

New CZ Hubs complete with Bearings, Seals, Hollow Spindle, Back Plate, Shoes Etc.
Hollow Spindle Std 16mm Dia Bore(can be machined to suit customers wheel spindles).

FRONT(complete hub only) £317.25
REAR(complete hub only) £293.75

Front Back Plate - £47

Rear Brake Shoe carrier - £25
Rear Brake Alloy Cover - £12.50
New Brake Shoes Per Pr - £44.65
Your Shoes Relined Per Pr - £23.50


Complete Wheels
Alloy Plate w/ Shoe Retainer

Alloy Sprockets
Made any size to suit any hub.
E-Mail for Details

Alloy Sprockets

Front Hubs
Complete with backplate, bearings, seals etc.

Hubs are shown are gold for CZ, but for CCM they are black in colour. As shown above.

Front and Rear Hubs
Front Hubs are pictured on the left hand side of the image.

21" * 1.60
£Email for Details and Prices


18" * 2.15
£Email for Details and Prices


Polished stainless steel spoke sets
£Email for Details and Prices


Wheel building


Air Boxes Complete
Made from lightweight plastic to suit large K+N air filter and interspan ignition system. Complete with side panels.



Front Mud Guard Rear Mud Guard



Black seats with white CCM logo on rear. Sold complete or individually.
Complete seat : £105
Seat Cover : £28
Seat Foam : £35
Seat Base : £25

Seat on CCM Motorcycle

Polo Shirts
Embroidered Polo Shirts with CCM logo on front and rear.

To see the reverse of the polo shirt, simply move the mouse over the image opposite.


Polo Shirt(rear)

Rugby Style Race Shirt
100% cotton, high quality Race Shirts with CCM logo on front and rear and your name across shoulders if you wish.

To see the reverse of the race shirt, simply move the mouse over the image opposite.

Can be embroidered with Riders own name


Rugby Shirt(rear)

We are now agents for NEB Engineering (Manufacturers of Specialised Motorcycle Racing Components)


NEB cranks are machined from case-hardened nickel chrome steel, fully heat treated and hardened with a very high core strength. The complete press-up assembly can be trued to a maximum alignment error of .001"(.025mm) to give a much smoother vibration-free engine and for increased power delivery and longer main bearing life of the engine. The steel con-rods are made from the strongest material available, made in England and shot peened for extra life, running on a heat resistant, silver plated, steel caged roller bearing. Big end replacement is sometimes half the cost of the original crank. Titanium con-rods can also be supplied to order.

B.S.A B44 and B50
with press in shafts

B.S.A Gold Star 500
with press in shafts(not pictured)

Matchless G50 and A.J.S 7R
with integral shafts(not pictured)

BSA B44 and B50

BSA B44 Round Barrel
Produced using the latest casting and plating technology. The 84mm Nicasil plated bore gives a full 500cc capacity and standard 10.5 : 1 compression ratio, barrels are also available for use with a methanol at 13:1. Barrels are strengthened around the stud holes to reduce distortion, avoiding the oil leaks experienced with the original BSA part. Pistons are forged and machined to run at a close tolerance to the bore for quieter running with improved heat transfer and performance.

BSA B44 Square Barrel
Also available(not pictured)

BSA B44 Round Barrel

New Piston
Precision engineered piston supplied as standard

New Piston

Splined 4-speed mainshaft
for B44 / B50 BSA for fitting standard or NEB 16 plate all-alloy clutch.

email regarding cost


Splined 4-speed mainshaft

All-alloy 16 plate oil clutchAll-alloy 16 plate oil clutch
for BSA B44 / B50


3-speed gearbox3-speed gearbox
for BSA B44 / B50 and outrigger plate


If there was one thing one might wish to change on a 1950's, 60's & 70's Classic British bike it would surely be the clutch! Riding a bike fitted with an NEB multi-plate system is a whole new experience. Machined from 7000 series dural billet, slip and drag become a thing of the past.
Most units offer a weight reduction of over 50% on the original units resulting in reduced load on bearings, and increased primary chain life.


Clutch Tool
supplied with every clutch kit

Clutch Tool

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